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How to Use Different Self Defense Products

Self-defense is very important because staying safe should be a priority for everyone. There are products that are very essential to self-defense. Pepper spray is a defense product that has become popular over the years. Pepper spray has become legalized in very many countries. It works on both the eyes and skin which makes it very convenient. It irritates both the eyes and the skin. You can easily evade the attacker because it works in seconds. It is very convenient because it can actually fit in a small bag.

Another self-defense product is a mobile stun gun. The mobile stun gun produces a high voltage. In this case you should direct the voltage towards the attacker. The attacker will be immediately immobilize when the prongs of the device touch him. The muscles work rapidly because all the voltage is directed into the nervous system of the attacker. The attacker cannot move or function because he loses a lot of energy. The attacker is left in a confused state because he loses balance and becomes disoriented. This will give you the appropriate time to get away and call for help.

You can use safety torch with the shock effect in a self-defense situation. You can be able to protect yourself personally. In this case there is electricity hidden in the flashlight. A high voltage is produced towards the attacker. All this voltage is directed to the nervous system of the attacker and this makes the muscles work rapidly. Muscles lose energy when they work fast. The attacker will not be able to move or function. He will lose balance and be left in a confused state. This gives you enough time to escape.

Another product is a self-defense safety rod. These rods are very easy to carry and use. You have a variety to choose from because they are made of different designs. They deliver a massive and painful shock to the attacker. They offer a lot of protection in a self-defense situation. You can use lipstick that has a flashlight for self-defense. It is a common accessory to women. It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged any time. It is not easily identifiable to attackers which gives you peace of mind. There are rings that offer self-defense. They are very convenient due to the fact that they can be worn as everyday accessories. You can tear with the self-defense tool that is inside it. The attacker can be seriously injured by the ring. You can use the ring for your self-defense purposes. It does this by capturing blood or fluids from the attacker. These gives DNA, which will easily identify the attacker.

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