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Chicory Root and How It Improves Your Health

Chicory is a Mediterranean plant that is well-known for its culinary use and many medicinal applications. It grows well in almost any condition and is usually found along the roadsides in Europe, where it came from, but has now reached the Americas too.

Below are the most important health benefits offered by chicory root:

Helps in Proper Digestion

Chicory works great for your digestive health, thanks to its potent prebiotic component known as inulin. Prebiotics are a type of bacteria that offer benefits to the host, rather than causing illnesses. Inulin is effective in treating various intestinal and digestive problems – for example, hearburn, acid reflux disease, etc. In addition, it helps keep constipation at bay by promoting peristaltic movements and the release of gastric juices.

Stops Cancer Growth

Chicory extract has been tied to lower tumor growth in different cancer research projects. This is attributed to the fructans in chicory, which possess anti-tumor and antioxidant qualities. According to studies on how inulin prevents cancer and tumor growth, chicory’s polyphenols and phytochemicals may also be a risk-free method for preventing different types of cancer, including colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

Minimizes Arthritic Pain

Chicory has been used to treat arthritis, and research has shown that has anti-inflammatory qualities, reason why it lessens the pain in osteoarthritis and similar conditions. Chicory works as a general anti-inflammatory agent as well for all kinds of aches and pains.

Boosts Weight Loss

Chicory is an abundant source of oligofructose, and inulin itself is a kind of natural dietary fiber that helps manage weight by through the promotion of weight loss. Both work by regulating ghrelin, the amino acid chiefly responsible for feelings of hunger and food-seeking behavior, therefore aiding weight loss.

Bolsters Immunity

Chicory has many useful qualities that make it a potent booster for your immune system. It has proven its antibacterial effects on so many dangerous strains of bacteria. It also has phytochemicals, which act as antioxidants, further wiping out free radicals from your bloodstream and lowering your chances of getting diseases.

Controls Anxiety

Chicory provides sedative effects that are known to manage anxiety and relax the mind, thus relieving stress and the ill effects it can bring to your body. Because of this, chicory root extracts may function as a sleep aid as well and even a much safe alternative to commercial sleeping pills these days.

Helps Address Kidney Issues

Chicory root extract works as a diuretic, meaning, it increases urine volume as well as frequency. Frequent urination helps eliminate toxins stored from your liver and kidneys where they could toxic if stored longer than necessary.

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