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Top 5 Health and Wellness Tips That Go a Long Way

The topic of health and nutrition can be confusing. Even among experts, views and opinions can be go opposite ways. Yet despite the disagreements, there are tried and true principles that are well-supported by research.

Below are five basic ways to achieve long-term health and wellness:

Avoid calories provided by sugar.

To start with, sugary drinks are the most fattening things you can allow inside your body. That’s because liquid sugar calories don’t register in your brain the way solid food calories do. Thus, whenever you drink soda, your body is actually getting more calories in total. Sugary drinks are heavily associated with various medical conditions, like type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more. Take note that fruit juice and soda are almost equally bad in this respect. They have nearly the same amounts of sugar, and the antioxidants in fruit juice are not enough to offset the sugar’s harmful effects.

Skip the junk and go for real food.

It’s undeniable that processed junk foods are responsible for most health Issues nowadays. Such foods have been created to be “hyper-rewarding” such that our brains are fooled into thinking we need more of them until it even results to addiction sometimes. Additionally, processed foods are full of unhealthy ingredients like refined grains and refined sugar, and have low amounts of vital nutrients and fiber.

Get enough sleep.

The importance of getting adequate quality sleep is worth repeating over and over. It may well be as important as exercising regularly and maintaining a well-balanced diet. Poor sleep can make you insulin-resistant, which increases your appetite while compromising your physical and mental performance. Furthermore, it is one of the most significant individual risk factors for obesity.

Sleep with the right lighting.

Bright lights disrupt your body’s production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, which is essentially what gives you the urge to sleep. If sleep is usually hard to come by, make it a habit to put on amber-tinted eyeglasses as the night rolls in. This should condition your body to the coming of a good, restful sleep.

Monitor your own food intake.

Two ways to help you monitor the healthfulness of your diet is to understand the foods you eat and to use a nutrition tracker. This is also very helpful when you’re trying to watch your calories to lose weight. Of course, you’d also like to take note of how much micronutrients and fiber you’re getting. The point is to be aware of the things that are happening inside your body. Research has proven that food tracking increases your chances of success when it comes to pursuing good health and wellness.

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