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Where to Sell your Extra Diabetes Test Strips

If you have diabetes; you need to get comfortable with checking your sugar levels all the time. You will have test kits that assist you in doing so. You will find most diabetics with a large stock of these kits. They most likely tested out quite some brands before finding the most suitable for their use. They most likely kept the rest of the other brand and do not intend ever to use them. These test strips were not designed to last forever. They will most likely have to be thrown away AFTER a while.

These strips cost a fortune to buy. The disease, however, does not discriminate who it affects, as anyone is susceptible to it. Some of them could, but they do not have insurance to help them, for example. Those how have extra boxes thus have a business opportunity. In case you have extra boxes of unopened test strips that you not use, you can sell them for cash, instead of throwing them in the trash.

Most diabetics will stock up on a lot of these strips, to cater for their needs in case they cannot get some more later. If this has been going on for a while, it gets to a point where there are more boxes present than there ever will be used. You may also switch to another brand, leaving the older ones redundant. Pregnancy is another case where the strips will be out of use after delivery. The remaining boxes are prime for selling. When a diabetic dies, they leave behind their boxes of strips. These are all examples of places where usable strips may go to waste if leaf unattended.

You can sell these strips, as long as they are yours legally. The buyer can be anyone, and they do not necessarily have to get a prescription to do so. This does not affect the sale of boxes that have been labelled as not for sale. It is only retailers who are not allowed to sell those in boxes marked as not for sale. If however your stock comprises of strips that have expires, or in boxes that show signs of damage, or broken seals, you cannot expect to sell them. Only those in good condition shall sell. They also need to have a minimum of six months before expiry date.

The people to sell these strips to are the dealers, whose job is to take them off your hands and give them to the needy, or to sell them at a small price. This is the best way for the needy to get the help they could not earlier. You have the option of choosing whichever dealer you wish to trade with. When selling, look for a dealer that will be upfront with the payments.

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