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Understanding the Basics of Immigration Bonds

It is not unusual to find people being arrested and even detained for immigration reasons. Such are the people that will be expected to get immigration bonds just so that they can secure their freedom. It is imperative to point out that these bonds are usually offered only if the detainee meets given requirements. Understanding these requirements will certainly ensure that you make a more reliable decision in the long run. You will be the one to make a choice as soon as the immigration bond requirements have been put forth. There are certain basics that can guide you to make more credible decisions. They include the following.

In most cases, illegal; aliens will have access to two major types of immigration bonds. These bonds are more than often given out to the people that present no threat to the national security. He will also need to prove that he will barely affect the public safety. The most common types of immigration bonds are the voluntary departure and the delivery bond. The delivery bond will only be given after the ICE or the immigration judge finds it fit. The detainee will be given an arrest warrant and a notice of custody conditions. This will ensure that they show up for all their immigration hearings. This bond will give the room to meet his friends as well as family and even talk to a lawyer. With a voluntary departure bond, the detainee is given a window within which he has to leave the country voluntarily. This will often be done at their own expense. The detainee will get his refund only after he has gotten out of the country.

Immigration bonds can be handled in two different forms. You can opt for the surety bond or the cash bond. For the surety bond, it is the family and friends of the detainee to work alongside an immigration bond agency to secure it. This agent will often charge about 15% of the value of the bond. You will not be given back any money or collateral that you give out in such an instance. A cash bond requires the detainee’s friends or family to pay cash to the ICE. You will only be assured of this refund after all the court hearings have been done. It is usually paid in cash or through a money order. It is also necessary to indicate that US bonds as well as notes can be accepted.

Make sure that you are aware of what the bond will cost. It will be upon the ICE or an immigration to come up with the immigration bond amount. You will often be expected to pay around 1500 to 10000 dollars.

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