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Facts To Know About Botox Injections

The idea of having needles in one’s face is not that comfortable especially for the ones who are getting their Botox injections for the first time. That reason is also why a lot of people avoid Botox. However, you should know that Botox injections are not that painful. The reason for that is because the needles used are quite tiny. The injections will also be just shallow. Also, depending on the person, the pain they will feel might differ from the others. Of course, the average response to this is that those who got their Botox injections don’t make a big deal out of it.

Just bear in mind that you might feel a little more pain when getting the upper lip injections. Thankfully, the crow’s feet injections around the eyes don’t give out a lot of pain.

You’ll also want to know more about the procedure if you want to be prepared for it. First off, you’ll be sitting on a table that’s partially reclined. There will also be a pillow to support your head. Next, the areas where the injections will be done will be cleansed. A topical anesthetic gel will also be applied before the injections. They will also be using an eyebrow pencil to mark the injection points. Also, you won’t have to worry about being injected too deep since the procedure only requires a shallow injection in the skin. Doing this is necessary to ensure that no harm will be done to the patient’s facial muscles and nerves.

Once set, the appropriate amount of units will be injected in the face. It’s also important for you to know that Botox injections are concentrated substances. This is why only a small amount is necessary for the designated areas. The injection only takes a second and the needle is withdrawn from the skin. At times, there will be a small raised area on the injected part. Just wait for twenty minutes for it to disappear.

Several injections will also be needed depending on the designated areas. For example, it’s common for some people to get about five injections on their brow area. Most people would think that only one injection is needed in every area of the face. Although it’s possible only to need one injection for each area, that’s not the usual case. Usually, patients have to sign up for twenty or more Botox injections for proper results.

There are also some expectations that you have to clarify. One of the most important things to know about Botox injection is that its effects are not seen immediately. Usually, the effects start to kick in after a few days. The effects will be more apparent as days go by. Once two weeks have passed, you should be able to see the complete results of the injections.

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