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Understanding what Kickboxing is all about

Being incorporated with other sporting events, kickboxing is surely the most intense and interesting form of martial art. It has a close resemblance with boxing; but, unlike in boxing wherein only the arms and fists are allowed. The significant difference is that kickboxing permits the utilization of the player’s hands and feet. Because of such, kickboxing is a full-contact sport.

Determing its types and origins

The origin of kickboxing was in Japan. Kickboxing is a combination of Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and karate. Thus, it is existing in three kinds. The forms are the American style, Japanese style, and European style. Continue to read this article to know what these forms are.

Boxers and trainers make up the Japanese boxing, which consist of different forms. There is usually 5 rounds in every match and every round would last for three minutes. The fighters are permitted to use their elbows and knees when they would attack. The attacks are permitted to land anywhere but the fighters must not attack the crotch. Among the attacks that are not allowed are head butts, pushes, and throws.

In regards to the American style, the attacks should come from the fighter’s fists and feet and should land anywhere above the hips. The fighters should not use their knees and elbows and must not attack the shins. Before the initiation of the match, the fighters and promoters have to come altogether in order to discuss all the pertaining rules and regulations that have to be established. The match usually has ten to twelve rounds, with every round lasting two to three minutes each. Between the rounds, there’s an allotted one minute for break.

The European style kickboxing usually consists of five rounds per match, each round lasting 3 minutes. The fighters are permitted to utilize their knees and thighs. Kicking the crotch area is not allowed but the fighters are allowed to attack anywhere below the belt. Moreover, fighters aren’t supposed to do head butts and pushes for the entire duration of the match.

Kickboxing as a form of cardio workout

There are lots of people who like to be physically fit. This is why people of different kinds (e.g. politicians, celebrities, etc.) would like to do kickboxing as their daily exercise. Cardio kickboxing is comprised of aerobics, martial arts, and boxing. The typical movements consist of kicking, punching, and other forms of martial arts related techniques.

In cardio kickboxing, it is not necessary that you will have an opponent. Instead, cardio kickboxing is designed to trim down your body fats. If you will do this kind of exercise, you will allow yourself to burn around 300-400 calories per hour.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a kickboxing studio and register now!

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