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EMF Health Risks and Dealing with Them.

Modern technology is nothing but beautiful as most people will agree. Today you don’t have to leave the couch to do some things around where you are, technology has got it covered and the list could go on. At work technology has created more possibilities and opportunities helping people to become more productive. Communication is as best as it will ever be as the simplicity of getting in contact with a person from another corner of the globe from where you are is just amazing. The new generation may never come to know of the old tech such as landlines because it seems like an ancient century ago.

For technology to exist however electromagnetic fields have had to invade our spaces. Electromagnetic fileds and the wellbeing the people do not fit in the same category and decisions need to be made regarding such situations. Its said that there are risks to human health that are imminent when one is exposed to electromagnetic fields. Even the devices that we use in the day to day activities and those that we have on us all day and all night tend .to post some risk to the health. It is hard to live in a way that you don’t come into contact with EMFs completely because we; live in an environment where they exist around us. Most of our jobs will require us to be exposed to them for a long time and at close range for that matter. Luckily enough there are some things that we could do to ensure that we are not so much exposed to the electromagnetic fields. Its advisable to switch off the devices completely and unplug the connections from the power sources than leaving them connected.

Another way to escape the effect of EMFs is to engage in outdoor activities or having sometime away from the devices when you don’t have to really use them. There are specific minerals whose use will shield you from the effects of EMF and get rid of the radiation that you may have on your body. The bedrooms are places for us to rest but we find ourselves bringing our phones and smart phones to bed which is electric pollution. we should try leaving the devices behind in a separate room. As we continue to rely on electricity and technology more and more, electro smog is going to build up looking at what the case has been till now. Living near a substation means you are around an area dealing with very high voltage, It is advisable to have the minerals such as shieldite in your living space for some peace of mind.

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Doing Health The Right Way

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