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Tips for spending less on flowers on your wedding day

People who do not want to overspend on flowers during their wedding can use the guideline below that will help them save on cost. One should select flowers that will be in season at the time you will be having the wedding. Flowers that are out of season are hard to get, and this will result in bearing with expensive rates. The florist should give you a list of flowers that will be in season at the time you will have your wedding for you to choose from the list. You may consider sharing the flowers since they will be in perfect condition even after the event. Flowers can maintain their condition for a maximum period of fourteen days which makes it possible to use same flowers in more than one occasion. You can share the flowers with another couple and get a refund percentage of the money used to purchase the flowers. Searching on the Internet will guide you to locate some of the flowers you can buy from a first event at a slightly lower price.

You can introduce more greenery in your flower arrangements as this is more affordable than any other type of flower. Find out the different greenery options which are available that you can select for decorating the reception area. Flower arrangements that are made from different kind of flowers are attractive and highly priced. When looking for a budget-friendly option you need to limit the types of flowers that you choose. Having to use few types of flowers in the arrangement will require the florist to order in large quantities which will lead to lower prices. The florist can be used in two different venues where the wedding will take place which will reduce the number of flowers required. When you use same flowers for your different venues you will save on cost since you only need to get a few pieces. Choose a local florists to help you save on transportation cost. When you choose a local florist they will choose suppliers in the area making the flowers more affordable since there are fewer logistics involved before the flowers are delivered at the venue.

Make the florist understand why they should stick to your flower budget when offering their services. You need to request the florist to include bigger flowers that will make the arrangement look full. You can also choose a wedding venue which does not require a lot of decorating so people will focus less on the flowers.