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I’m not producing shows at this time.

We as Americans need to watch TV less and read news papers more. We must stop clouding our vision with game shows and Hollywood gossip and pay more attention to politics – Local; National and Inter-National. We must keep our attention on the present and the future. We must involve ourselves more in our great country’s future.

Our country is now facing huge crises at home and abroad.

This is not simply the fault of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. It is the fault of “We the People”.

I firmly believe, ‘We the People’ should impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney before 2009 for war crimes and malfeasance.

We should also cut off the head of the dragon by putting Karl Rove in prison for 100 years, for treason.

In the past six & one half years,our country, our freedoms and our grandchildren’s safety and economic future has been taken from us under the guise of “Christendom” and “Freedom” and “Democracy”.

Those of you who support those causes, Wake Up! Realize the Bush administration does not represent Christian ideals; nor Freedom; nor Democracy. His administration runs on the love of money, ego, arrogance and swagger.

It’s time for a big change in our country. The threat of the Bush administration should be eradicated.

Cheers and happy politicking,

Tim Hickey